Is pet insurance worth it?

Is pet insurance worth it
7th September 2017

It’s September! Which means HAPPY PET INSURANCE MONTH. 

Earlier this year, the Independent reported that over a third of people prefer their pets to their partner, yet millions of pet owners have opted to take out no cover at all for their four-legged friends. It is estimated that half of the UK’s dogs, and over two-thirds of cats are completely uninsured. 

We think a healthy pet is a happy one, that’s why we’ve developed our pet tracking technology to help pet owners to maintain a caring and watchful eye on the health of their cat or dog, and achieve better insights into their behavior – letting you know when something may be wrong.

Don’t let things get hairy

Providing an excellent health routine, diet and exercise plan may not always be enough, and there may always be the unfortunate risk of your precious cat or dog contracting unpreventable diseases, conditions or suffering injuries. Many of the top causes of pets requiring veterinary attention were infections and allergies, which require regular expensive treatments, most likely for the rest of your pet’s life.

The UK is a nation of animal lovers, sharing our country with over 8.5 million dogs and 7.5 million cats, so we’re surprised by the huge number of pet owners who aren’t insuring their animal friends. With vet’s bills rising with the cost of living in the UK, the price of pet insurance might seem like a luxury; but is the life of your pet worth gambling on?

The price of peace of mind

On average, insuring against vet’s bills can cost an average of £28 a month for a dog and £13 for a cat, but there are hundreds of policies available which vary hugely in price and the ways in which they cover the things you love the most; your pets.

Insuring one of man’s best friends who’s on the older side can come with an added premium of £60 and finding cover for pets with a pre-existing condition may be impossible or incredibly expensive.

While these costs mount up, pet owners could risk encountering serious financial loss if they receive, for example, a bill totaling thousands of pounds for an operation without pet insurance, or worse, they could risk losing their four-legged friend due to an inability to afford the necessary treatment.

Don’t delay, find cover today

Protect your pet, their future and your finances today, and find the perfect insurance provider for your pooch or cat. Study the policies in detail to ensure your furry friend is fully covered and receives the best value for money care. Some policies cover your pets for the year, others for a lifetime, and some vow to meet the cost of advertising or rewards for lost pets. Remember, sometimes a little money goes a long way, and no price can be put on the love you have for your pets.