Love cats, think Trakz

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8th January 2019

The question “are you a dog or a cat person?”, is one you’ve likely been asked many times. While many pet owners identify as both cat and dog people, this question is one meant to shine a light on the distinct differences between the two animals and how they’re typically thought of.

To ensure Trakz achieved our goal of being the ultimate pet-care device for both cats and dogs, we took the differences between the animals and the lives they lead, into consideration when designing and manufacturing Trakz. So, whether you’re a cat owner, dog owner, or both, you can access a range of incredible features tailored to your chosen kind of furry friend.

Cat crazy? Pals of the purr? Listen up!

Trakz is the world’s most advanced tracking and activity collar on the market, with a corresponding mobile app that allows you to configure its features and display to serve the exact needs of you and your kitty. 

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More than just a cat tracking collar:

Our collar monitors your moggy’s activity, records the time and distance they’ve travelled and displays when they’re active or resting. At Trakz, we’re passionate about ensuring cats and dogs are healthy and happy, and while we can’t communicate in a shared language with our treasured pets, our statistics give you all you need when it comes to monitoring their health.

A cat tracking collar at its core, Trakz allows you to set a safe zone for your pet and will send you instant notifications should they leave the boundary set. For cats, we use heatmapping to give you insights into where your cat spends their time throughout the day, so you need never wonder or worry again.

To further demonstrate our commitment to making lost pets a thing of the past, our feature-packed app also enables you to set up a community of pet finders, so should your kitty be lost, the friends you’ve selected to also be notified, will be at hand to help bring kitty home. 

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Pet-care, made easy:

Trakz can be used everywhere, all over the world. By using mobile phone networks, our data plans give you access to the incredible power of Trakz no matter where you are, because friends should be together. This technology, along with the collar’s incredible location tracking capabilities, make Trakz not only the world’s best lost pet deterrent, but also a pet-theft deterrent, offering pet owners total peace of mind.

Like our furry friends themselves, both our collar and app hold a huge amount of power in a tiny package. Weighing less than 40g, our activity and cat tracking collar is small and light enough to be secured comfortably to your cats existing collar, no matter their shape or size.  

Because we know a life juggling work, home, and families, furry or otherwise, can be like…. well, herding cats, we manufactured Trakz to last 7 days between charges. Yes, just one full charge of Trakz, and your kitty can explore to their heart’s content for an entire week, before you need to recharge the collar.

For those of you who own both cats and dogs, the Trakz mobile app has a total of 8 available pet profiles, which can be assigned to a mixture of both cats and dogs. So, no matter how furry your family, think Trakz.

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