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Flexible ways to partner with Trakz

The best way of understanding what would work best for your business is by scheduling a call with our business development team.

We’ll discuss a number of different ways of working with Trakz. The priority always is that you and your customers get the service that best serves your needs.

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One of the easiest ways of getting started is by undertaking a short trial which helps prove the value for your business…

Proof of Concept Programme

TrakzLabs has developed a POC ("Proof of Concept") program where business Partners can test the technology before committing to any longer-term relationship or proposition.

The aim of the POC is to demonstrate and quantify "asset value" to the business, test the new technology for research and development and to formulate a plan for strategic roll-out if appropriate.

A minimum of 50 devices are required for the trial to be robust. It is envisaged that these could be attached to pets of staff members or other closed group of customers.

Trakz Labs will provide customer Apps and devices to each participating member. We will also demonstrate the effectiveness of the lost pet functionality, the community of finders, the activity data coming from each device, health metrics including temperature records and variations, along with access to the underlying raw data.

Trakz Labs will charge a fixed fee for this service which includes a workshop presentation so you know exactly what you are commiting to from the outset.

Get in touch now and we’ll schedule a call.

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